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Participant Readiness for PACE National rollout

The National Disability Insurance Agency invites current and prospective NDIA participants, their families and carers to attend an information session to learn more about our new computer system called PACE.

We’re improving how we deliver the NDIS so that people who use it are better supported every step of the way.

These new systems will eventually replace the current computer system and Myplace portal.

We want to make sure current and prospective NDIS participants, their families and carers are ready to use these new systems. Testing of the new systems has been underway in Tasmania since 14 November 2022.

In this session we will give you an overview of changes that participants will see in the new system, including information on the key changes that have been tested in Tasmania over the last six months.

For now, these sessions are an opportunity to come and hear about what is changing. This is just the start of our information sharing with you, future sessions will go into more detail about how to use the new portal and app. 

Sessions are delivered via video-conference using Microsoft Teams and are offered over multiple dates to allow flexibility for attendees. Each session covers the same content, and attendees should only register for one session to give others the opportunity to attend. Registrations close three business days prior to the session date. We only accept individual registrations for events to ensure all attendees receive links to join. Two business days before the event, login details (including the MS Teams link) will be sent to the email address you provide at registration. Please check your email address is correct when registering. Accessibility is important to us. If you have accessibility requirements, please advise when registering. A minimum of five business days' notice is required to book Auslan interpreters and live captioning services.



Wednesday, 30 August 2023 1:00 Pm


Sunday, 27 August 2023

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